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What Is Generic Levitra?

Everyone knows that brand-name drugs are discovered and developed by a pharmaceutical company. And in order the company could market their drugs they must first get approval from the FDA. This process is long and cost-expensive. Therefore, after receiving the FDA approval the company has patent protection for its products in order to recoup exploration, development and operations out of gross revenues.

You may be confused by learning that the patent for brand name Levitra that belongs to Bayer currently expires in 2018 and at the same time seeing generic Levitra the subject of wide speculation. The answer is simple, while the generic version of this drug is not yet available in the USA, there is a generic available from another country.

For example, pharmaceutical companies in India, Thailand or China often reverse-engineer popular-brand name drugs in order to create their own generics. However, while these companies are not allowed to sell their products in the USA until the patent for the original medication expires, they ship drugs internationally rather than set up shops in America. This has happened to Levitra too.

The drug has the same active ingredient Vardenafil as the brand-name medication and works as good as the original drug. It may differ only in manufacturer brand, shape, color and size of the pill, packaging and prescription status. Moreover, its price is much lower as few people in developing countries can afford buying expensive drugs and it is the policy of these countries to make medicines affordable to every layer of the population.

Well-known and reliable companies in India manufacture cheap generic Levitra of the purified Vardenafil of exactly the same quality as the German competitors do. The active ingredient works on the same principle as other ED drugs – it relaxes pelvic floor muscles and secures proper blood flow to the penis, providing the man has reached sufficient level of sexual arousal. The generic is equally effective and safe, if the prescribing information is not disregarded. Similar to the brand-name drug it doesn’t work well with certain medications and must be avoided by people with some health conditions.

Moreover, a few companies produce high-dose Vardenafil based medications, such as Levitra 40mg generic, that work better and longer, so that you don’t have to take more tablets to achieve a normal stiff erection. Its action lasts for 10-12 hours after ingestion and stops naturally after completion of an intercourse. Therefore it is a good choice for men with erectile dysfunction problems for whom other ED medications, including expensive ones, didn’t help.