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Should I Buy Levitra or Viagra?

When it comes to buying ED drugs it is challenging to make the right choice since all the options available today work on the same principle – the active substance relaxes the pelvic floor muscles and provides sufficient blood flow to the penis when a man has reached a certain level of sexual arousal. Therefore in search of a perfect ED treatment it is necessary to look for very peculiar things, such as onset and duration of action, possible side effects and so on. Of course it is indisputable that any ED medication should be prescribed by a healthcare professional, but even he may not know for sure how this or that medication will work for you until you try it.

Anyway, we will try to help you understand which medication might fit your particular needs better and which may be less appropriate for you.

Viagra with Sildenafil citrate as active ingredient was the first drug to be introduced in the market in 1998 and it still holds its ground. Levitra with Vardenafil as active ingredient is a more recently developed medication launched in 2003, which is gaining popularity. Both medications have a pretty short half-life and are rather quickly eliminated from the body, bringing erectile dysfunction back again. Both help only on as-needed basis and can’t fix erectile dysfunction problem permanently. In either case, these drugs are a good solution for millions of men who choose them over their competitors.

By the way, a point to keep in mind is that Levitra is not the only Vardenafil-based drug, as well as Viagra is not the only Sildenafil-based medication for ED. While for US citizens they might seem to be the ones as here they are protected by patents, in other countries where the patents don’t work there are numerous brands to choose from. Google for cheap generic Levitra online and you’ll see yourself.

The efficacy rate of Viagra and Levitra is approximate. Viagra proves to work in 84% of men and Levitra in 80%. However, Levitra is working much better when it comes to taking it with food. While Viagra’s small flaw is that its onset of action can be pushed back by a good meal and it can’t be taken together with alcohol, Levitra can be affected only by a very hefty meal and works pretty well after drinking moderate amounts of alcohol. So, buy Levitra if your perfect date includes lots of food and some alcohol before sex.

Duration of action is practically the same for both drugs – 4-5 hours after intake and it takes them both about half an hour to start working.

One thing that makes Levitra win by a nose is that it seems to provoke fewer side effects, which are in most cases less intense as those of Viagra’s. Moreover men taking Levitra rarely suffer from vision problems and it can’t cause detrimental effects to one’s eyesight.

And last but not least is the price. If you want to save money on your ED drugs, you should probably buy cheap Levitra online. Online pharmacies sell generics at considerably cheaper price than their brand name alternatives. Thus, if you are used to paying $25 per a name brand pill, there you can get its equally powerful alternative at $3 or even $2 per pill.

Hope this comparison will help you make the right choice. Just think what really matters to you and opt for your ED medication accordingly. And forget to discuss it with your doctor to be sure your choice is 100% right.