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Is Generic Levitra 20 mg Suitable for Me?

Generic Levitra, an analogue of the brand name Levitra with the same composition Vardenafil and pharmacological properties as the original medication, is intended for treating erectile function problems in men. It is suitable for men who have total inability to achieve erection, have inconsistent ability to do so, or have a tendency to sustain only brief erections unsatisfactory for a sexual intercourse.

The indications for use of generic Levitra 20mg are the same as for regular Levitra. It is suitable for you if you have already reached the age of 18 but are not older 65 and if you have a healthy heart that allows you to engage in sexual activity. You can also take it if you suffer from diabetes or your prostate gland has been removed. Use the 20 mg pill one hour before the sexual intercourse if you need to improve your ability to achieve erection or ability to maintain it after penetration to accomplish a successful intercourse.

You may take the pills without regard to food since the medication is less sensitive to fatty foods than alternative drugs. Also combining the medication with alcohol is not expected to cause any problems. Therefore the medication is perfectly suitable for those gentlemen who prefer to take their lady out for dinner. It is perfect for improving sexual relationship, increasing self-esteem and relieving stress.

Generic Levitra has many advantages not the least of which is its price. If you comply with therapeutic indications of this drug, cheap Levitra 20mg manufactured by foreign pharmaceutical companies is a wise choice if you want to get good performance without spending a fortune on brand name ED drugs.

However, the 20 mg dose is not suitable for you if you have liver or kidney problems, receive certain concomitant medications, such as alpha-blockers or have already turned 65. In such cases lower Levitra doses must be considered. On the other hand, some patients who are unusually vulnerable to ED due to a physical or mental condition may require higher doses of generic Levitra. For example, men with severe diabetes or otherwise healthy men under severe stress may benefit from generic Levitra 40mg.

Generic Levitra, similarly to the brand name drug, is not appropriate for use together with any other PDE5 inhibitor or any sexual enhancement pills. It is contraindicated if you receive nitrates or nitric oxide donors in any form, as well as if you use a guanylate cyclase stimulator, as this can potentiate the hypotensive effect. Do not treat your ED if sexual activity is not recommended to you due to your heart problems and underlying cardiovascular status.

It is always wise to consult your doctor before starting dealing with your ED problem, to find out whether this or that drug is suitable for you and to learn about your options of ED treatment.