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Can I Buy Generic Levitra to Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Generic - is a common buzzword in healthcare and in particular among people who want to buy prescription medications. Generics are copies of brand-name medications and are the same as those branded products in intended use, performance characteristics and quality. They are important because they give access to healthcare for all Americans and therefore many of us rely on generics to make our healthcare more affordable. The snag is that they become available only after the patent protection afforded to the drug's original developer expire.

Unfortunately, generic Levitra is not yet available in the United States since the patent for the brand name drug prevents the generic version from being manufactured and the pharma companies that hold the patent want to keep it for as long as possible to ward off competition. The first patent hold by Bayer is set to expire in 2018. This is the earliest possible data you may be able to buy generic Levitra in the USA.

Meanwhile, the generic drug is manufactured in India and some other countries, from where it can be bought online at much lower price than the brand name drug. In practice, there are several pharma companies that specialize in production of generic drugs. And since Levitra is a popular medication to treat erectile dysfunction, there are several generics on the market. Any medication that is manufactured to include the FDA approved Vardenafil as its main ingredient is exactly the same thing as Levitra, even if it doesn't carry a trade-name. Such medications are considered generics and you can reckon with certainty on their effectiveness and safety.

It is just necessary to make sure that the country of origin has a well-regulated pharmaceutical industry, and that the drug contains the same volumes of Vardenafil. This way you will secure yourself that you buy cheap Levitra that contains Vardenafil, i.e. it is a generic but not a substitute, and that it will have the same effect as the original drug. (Note that the specific use of the drug substance spelled out in the patent itself is treatment for loss of erectile symptoms.)

There are dozens of online pharmacies that cooperate with generic manufacturers from abroad. Their prices are low because the medicines come to you direct from the manufacturer without middlemen involved. Apart from avoiding rental costs for brick and mortar retail stores and warehouses, online stores are only required to collect sales tax if they have physical location in our state even if we buy from a store across the world. Thus you can get cheapest Levitra online, especially if you couple your shopping with deals of the day, online saving codes and free shipping offers.

Online you can also read the reviews of retailers and inquire customers who have already bought something about their buying experience. This also makes the whole shopping experience for ED drugs much more reliable and less stressful. So, good luck with choosing and shopping!