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Who Should not Take Online Levitrа

Levitra, with Vardenafil hydrochloride as active ingredient, is licensed for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. Although most men tolerate it well, the medication is not suitable for everyone since, like any other medicine, it can produce serious side effects that can affect different individuals in different ways. For example, it may cause sudden vision or hearing problems that require immediate medical attention.

In addition, it can be dangerous to individuals with certain medical conditions, such as heart disease, or to men concomitantly receiving certain drugs. Thus, men with a history of heart disease are more likely to experience problems with online Levitra. Therefore, men should discuss with their doctor any medications they are currently taking or any health problems they have.

When deciding to buy cheap Levitra it is crucially important to be aware of some potential dangers with this ED medication before starting using it. For example, it may cause a significant fall in blood pressure to an unsafe level if taken with other drugs. With sudden fall in blood pressure you can get dizzy, faint or have a heart attack or stroke. Though, this happens very rarely and mainly among men with cardiovascular risk factors, which they leave unattended. Also, this effect typically occurs during or shortly after sexual activity, for which reason it is difficult to tell whether the problems are related to the drug itself, sexual activity that puts an extra strain on the heart, the man’s existing risk factors or a combination of those things.

Men with unstable angina, severe hypotension, uncontrolled hypertension, uncontrolled arrhythmia, cardiac ischemia, hereditary degenerative retinal disorders and severe liver or kidney problems also should not take this drug, as well as any other PDE5 inhibitors.

Do not take the drug if you receive nitrate medicines, alpha-blockers, guanylate cyclase stimulators, HIV protease inhibitors, recreational drugs, other medicines for ED or if allergic to Vardenafil hydrochloride or any of the drug’s ingredients. Since Levitra and other medicines can affect each other, ask your pharmacist if you aren’t sure about the class of drugs you are receiving.

Despite some potential dangers, the benefits of cheapest Levitra in many cases outweigh the risks. Merely tell your doctor about all your health problems and all the medicines you take.