What to Do if Erectile Dysfunction Affects Your Relationship

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What to Do if Erectile Dysfunction Affects Your Relationship

Our sense of happiness mainly depends on whether we are in a relationship based on love and successful sexual life. Sexuality is a very important aspect of human life, it determines the people we attract and those we fall in love with, whether we are satisfied with ourselves and our partner.

Erectile dysfunction can significantly spoil the happiness and joy of any, even ideal relationship. According to statistics about 50% of men aged 40-70 are at risk of developing erectile dysfunction and every one in three men over 60 is unable to perform sexual activity. They used to think that erectile dysfunction is an “old men” issue, but this condition is rapidly getting younger – every one in ten men over the age of 21 have problems with erection.

If this problem is left untreated and the only thing a man facing erectile dysfunction does is buy Levitra cheap each time he wants to have sex, he only worsens psychological discomfort caused by the realization of his problem. Erectile dysfunction will surely result in low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. All that affects the quality of his relationship with his partner – he becomes more rude and harsh, he can crawl into his shell without letting anybody help him and feeling bitter about his condition, the fear of “being ill” can cause severe depression and even panic.

So it’s pretty evident that erectile dysfunction negatively affects relationship. But what can you do about it? The first and foremost important thing is to accept that you have such problem and discuss it most honestly with partner. You’ll be surprised, but it’s not only you who wants to get rid of this condition. The second step in fighting the effects of erectile dysfunction on your relationship is to go to a doctor, yes, yes! In most of the cases, this condition is treatable if you know the underlying cause or disease that provokes erectile dysfunction. Of course, you may continue buying cheapest generic Levitra and performing great in bed, but that will not solve your problem, the disease will still be there.

So once the cause of erectile dysfunction has been found and the treatment is ongoing, an important role is assigned to your partner. That’s what she can do:

  • Talk openly about the situation and your feelings;
  • Take the emphasis off the penis and concentrate on oral sex, sex toys, etc.
  • Have patience with medications, these drugs, like levitra 20mg, do work, but erection don’t happen on command.
  • Encourage you to get heart-healthy. Good cardiovascular health leads to good penis health, experts say.