Recreational Use of Levitra

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Recreational Use of Levitra

Levitra is an FDA-approved treatment for erectile dysfunction, which was designed to help men suffering from impotence due to a variety of health issues, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity and hypertension. However, recently the drug has been increasingly used for recreational purposes among men without medical indication.

More and more men are shopping for cheapest Levitra online and use it not to get an erection but to get a longer erection. That is called recreational use, but not appropriate use. The secret of this drug success lies in its advertising. The co-makers of the drug admit that they are focusing on men who have successful sexual relationships, but simply want to improve the duration and quality of their erections. The goal of the manufacturers is not simply achieving penetration and ejaculation as with other ED pills, but also to give men sexual satisfaction.

Those men with normal erections who buy Levitra cheap claim that the drug gives them a boost, making them believe they are real machos. The drug also may shorten the refractory period – the time after ejaculation to the next erection – allowing them to have more frequent sex. It enhances the hardness of the penis, which is good for the partner.

However, the phenomenon of ever-growing recreational use of the drug has raised concern in medical community, particularly in respect to its association with increased sexual risk behavior. Taking into account that the pill works for 6 hours, it can open the door wider to make unwise late-night choices, especially when mixed with alcohol. Alcohol promotes uninhibited behavior, and an inebriated guy might all of a sudden decide that he is not going to wear a condom that night. Thus, studies show that men who recreationally used the drug were 6 times as likely to engage in unprotected sex and had a higher number of sex partners during the past several months. This results in a two-fold increase in STDs.

Studies also report frequent use of recreational ED pills concomitantly with illicit club drugs, such as ecstasy and ketamine, which poses serious and potentially fatal health concerns. It is also necessary to be attentive to side effects and contraindications in order not to misuse the drug and not to increase cardiovascular risk factors.

Otherwise recreational Levitra is absolutely safe when common sense is used. If you wish to enjoy a great sex, cheap generic Levitra online will assure you a strong erection so that you can expect a wonderful sex against every pill you pay for.