Is It Safe to Combine Levitra and Cialis?

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Is It Safe to Combine Levitra and Cialis?

Sexual dissatisfaction can significantly reduce the quality of man’s life and have negative influence on family and work relationships. Erectile dysfunction, a condition when a man cannot achieve erection and fully engage in sexual intercourse, is the most common cause of lack of sex. Modern medications designed to improve erection can easily solve the problems of poor sexual life associated with erectile dysfunction. Levitra and Cialis are among the most popular erectile dysfunction drugs, one can buy cheapest Levitra online to save some money.

A man may wonder whether it is safe to take Levitra and Cialis together to get the best result possible. To answer this question it is important to understand the mechanism of action of both these medications and know the adverse reactions they can provoke. Therefore, before purchasing Levitra online cheap and taking it together with Cialis, it makes sense to do some research.

Despite the fact that the active component of Levitra and Cialis is not the same (the first one contains Vardenafil and the latter – Tadalafil) both of them belong to one group of drugs called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors, which means they have similar mechanism of action – both of these medications inhibit the action of the PDE5 enzyme. They promote the accumulation of cGMP in the cavernous bodies of the penis which results in the relaxation of the smooth muscles and improved blood flow to the penis leading to a healthy erection.

These medications have selective effect on the vascular tissue of the penis and some other body organs that have the same receptors (heart muscle, nose, intestine, eye retina). Neither Cialis nor Levitra (one can buy generic Levitra in an online pharmacy) cause addiction or persistent negative effect on the body. However, due to the fact that receptors susceptible to these medications are located in other body organs, they can provoke certain unwanted side effect – headache, nasal congestion, dizziness, heartburn, nausea, back pain, etc. The incidence of adverse reactions depends on the dose and individual tolerability.

Thus, it is pretty obvious that if a man tries to combine Levitra and Cialis, the chances of developing any adverse reaction will increase. It is almost like taking a double dose of one of these medications. In any case, when considering the combined intake of Cialis and Levitra, it is worth discussing it with a healthcare provider or pharmacists in order to avoid possible complications caused by such combination.