Is Generic Levitra 40 mg Safe for Men with Diabetes?

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Is Generic Levitra 40 mg Safe for Men with Diabetes?

Erectile dysfunction or ED is a condition when in more than half of the cases a man cannot achieve and/or maintain erection needed for sexual intercourse. ED (along with other complications like retinopathy, micro- and macrovascular complications, etc.) is rather common in patients with diabetes; it often leads to a significant deterioration in the quality of patient’s life and can provoke depression. Therefore, many men turn to such ED medications as generic Levitra.

Erectile dysfunction occurs in 50-60% of diabetic men, the risk of ED in this condition is 3 times higher than in healthy people. The frequency of ED in diabetic patients directly depends on the age of the patient as well as on how long he suffers from diabetes. About 50% of diabetic patients start experiencing erectile dysfunction in the first 10 years of the disease; it can even precede other diabetes complications or can be its first manifestation. In diabetes, penile microcirculation and nervous endings of the penis are affected. The smooth muscle cells that make up the erectile tissue are damaged as well. All that causes reduced blood supply to the penis.

To cope with this problem, men buy Levitra cheap in various online pharmacies. Vardenafil (the active component of Levitra) as well as other widely used ED medications belongs to the class of preparations known as PDE5 inhibitors and it works as a modulator or erection. Levitra does not directly cause erection, but it enhances the relaxing effect of NO by inhibiting the activity of the enzyme called PDE5. Such effect results in the relaxation of the smooth muscles in the penis and causes improved blood flow in its cavernous bodies which helps to achieve and maintain physiological erection. The main characteristic of PDE5 inhibitors is that they start working only in response to sexual stimulation. The studies of the use of Levitra in diabetic patients showed that this medication is effective and safe for this group of patients.

However, before buying discount Levitra online, it is important to remember that PDE5 inhibitors do not cure erectile dysfunction, the improvement of erection associated with the use of these medications does not persist once they are discontinued. Therefore, the first thing a diabetic man who has faced erectile dysfunction should do is to thoroughly control the main disease - diabetes. Good diabetes management is the key to a healthy erection.