How long do the effects of Levitra 40mg last?

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How Long Do the Effects of Levitra 40mg Last?

Speedy and hectic rhythm of modern life and unhealthy lifestyle have more and more influence on the health of modern men, all that also applies to such common sexual problem in men known as erectile dysfunction. If formerly this problem mostly affected men aged 45 and older, nowadays it is diagnosed in younger men aged 25-30 years - they report poor or unstable erection and even inability to achieve it. Erectile dysfunction seriously wounds man’s vanity but it is not a verdict since in most cases it is easily controlled and treated.

There are a lot of medications designed to fight this condition and Levitra as well as Levitra 40 mg generic are among these preparations. Levitra’s active component is Vardenafil, a time-proved remedy that is very effective in the treatment of this delicate sexual problem. It eliminates erectile dysfunction, helps to regain sexual strength and self-confidence as well as improves the quality of sex. If a man fighting erectile dysfunction wants to save some of his money, he can purchase generic Levitra online because it is much cheaper in online pharmacies.

When sexual desire develops, Vardenafil contained in Levitra starts working by inhibiting the activity of a specific enzyme PDE5 that results in increased level of cGMP and improves the flow of blood to the male sexual organ. Thanks to this effect a potent and prolonged erection occurs. It should be born in mind that Levitra 40 mg helps restore the natural process of erection, which is impossible without sexual stimulation.

Once Levitra is taken, it starts working in about 15-20 minutes, but in some men its effect can be observed in 25-30 minutes. The process of erection development is affected by different factors such as fatigue, weakness after an illness, psychological stress, etc. To prevent the delay of erection specialists recommend taking this preparation about an hour before planned sexual intercourse. The effect of Vardenafil lasts for at least 6 hours. The recommended dose of Levitra 40 mg is one quarter of a pill, the maximum daily dose is half of a pill. Levitra should not be taken more than once a day. It’s advantageous to buy cheap Levitra 40mg since one 40 mg pill is cheaper than two 20 mg pills.

It is important to remember that, like any other preparation, Levitra can cause some adverse reactions and is contraindicated in certain cases; therefore, before taking it, it is better to discuss its use with a physician.