Can Porn Addiction Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

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Can Porn Addiction Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Historically mostly older men suffer from erectile dysfunction, which is associated with chronic issues related to cardiovascular disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis or thyroid disorders. Today more and more younger and otherwise healthy men are seeking help for their erection problems from Levitra online. They are unwilling to address a doctor and if they do, complaining of being unable to maintain an erection with the person they are with sexually, doctors rarely ask about porn use, but simply check them for obvious physical causes. When they find none, they write out a prescription for ED drug, leaving the patient’s core problem undiscovered. Meanwhile, if questioned properly, it turns out that they are able to get an erection watching pron.

Evidence increasingly suggests that erectile dysfunction can be one of the side effects of porn addiction.

An increase in internet pornography can cause a pathological loss of appetite for romantic sexual interactions. While real sex is about pheromones, touching, being touched and really connecting with someone, pornography is about voyeurism, endless searching, clicking and interacting with the hand. Daily consumption of porn during several years can desensitize men to most violent images, leaving them unable to get aroused in the bedroom with an in flesh partner.

Pornography can lead to unrealistic expectations that increase a man’s tolerance for sex. A man needs more and more stimulation as he builds up this tolerance. Drugs like cheapest Levitra online may help achieve an erection, but not satisfaction. With chronic porn consumption our expectations become much higher than normal and we become unable to get excited by ordinary sex encounters. In science terms, when people start watching pornography, the brain releases a huge amount of dopamine. Over time, the brain receptors become less sensitive and normal physical intimacy doesn’t produce enough dopamine to stimulate them. That means, the more porn you watch, the more porn you need to become aroused. Finally, you may find yourself physically unable to maintain an erection and much less enjoy sex with a real partner.

Medications like discount Levitra online treat the problem with the penis, but porn-related ED is about the brain. Its treatment starts with stopping watching porn and resisting the urge to masturbate whenever possible. Within 2 or 3 months the brain usually rebounds to a more typical dopamine receptor sensitivity and eliminates erectile dysfunction, leaving you to enjoy real sex as before.