Can I split Levitra 40mg generic?

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Can I split Levitra 40mg generic?

In the face of mounting costs for prescription drugs, many doctors are advising the strategy of pill splitting with more and more drugs. Most notably, all cholesterol-lowering medications can be split as can many of the antihypertensives, antidepressants and impotence medications.

The practice of splitting pills appeared long before Levitra 20 mg came into market. Initially pill splitting was not about saving money. Instead it was to enable patients to receive a dose of medicine not readily available from pharmacies. Since drug companies produce only a few fixed doses of any medication, doctors counsel their patients to cut pills in half to tailor the dose to a patient’s exact needs.

Moreover, if you take prescription medications for chronic illnesses, you can save money by splitting the pills. It saves money because pharma companies generally charge the same amount of money for a particular medication regardless of its dose. In other words, they charge for what the medication does, but not for what’s in it. Thus, if you get generic Levitra 40 mg and cut it in halves, you literary buy two doses of the drug for the price of one.

There is no danger in splitting Levitra 40 mg pills as far as they are not coated with any extended release coating. They do have a coating to avoid unpleasant taste, but they are not time release and so can be split. Medications that usually should not be split include capsules, oral contraceptives, chemotherapy drugs, seizure-related drugs and any tablets that have hard outside coating or other extended – or controlled- release feature.

It is widely thought that only those pills that have scoring can be split. In fact, tablet scoring just makes it easier for the pill to break in half. Another misconception is that chemicals in the pill may not be distributed evenly. Pharmaceutical companies employ advanced technology to ensure even mixture of the active ingredient and fillers alongside the quality control. Only long-acting or otherwise specific drugs because of their formulation should not be split. Moreover, it will always say on the bottle ‘do not crush or break tablets’. So, check the package insert.

Now then, keep calm and save on with discount Levitra but don’t split in advance. Pills may deteriorate when exposed to moisture and air for a long period of time after being split. For this reason do not split in advance. Taking two halves of the same pill consecutively will assure you the most even dosing.